It's just not fair. Not only is Austin, Texas a freakin awesome town, it boasts three major and slightly enviable music festivals. March is a little thing named SXSW you may have heard about, October delivers Austin City Limits in all its glory, and for 8 years November has been home to the quite awfully titled Fun Fun Fun Fest.

But name aside, look at the line up. Just look at it. From MGMT to Slayer, Kurt Vile to Jurassic 5 and quite literally everything in between, the festival also has an expanded line-up of comedy and action sports. Madness. And it may be in November, but because it's Texas that just means it will still be sunny, but you can actually go outside and not immediately die.

Passes go on sale today. So perhaps now is the time to empty your bank account on one of those and a matching plane ticket. For more information, and to purchase tickets, head here.