A new video from Orange County twins The Garden is always something to look forward to and ‘No Destination’, taken from their upcoming album, Mirror Might Steal Your Charm, upholds this fine tradition. A really cute dog, a brilliant goofy cameo from the Shears twins in a gas station, and a frankly indecipherable spirit quest all come together to form a glorious deep dive into the duo’s boundless imagination.

Taking on some of the evocative and desert-mystery qualities of the Vegas scenes from Season 3 of Twin Peaks, ‘No Destination’ blurs wonky toy piano sounds alongside their calling card of twanging surf bass and breakneck drumming, which goes some way towards unifying their earlier DIY punk foundations alongside the more recent anything-goes approach towards pop exploration.

In the wise words of Wyatt Shears: “take time to appreciate the journey and don’t forget how important that is.” Good advice.

Mirror Might Steal Your Charm is released March 30th on Epitaph Records.