Just three days ago, Los Angeles producer The Gaslamp Killer was mere hours away from death.

Doctors had informed him that fate was rearing close after was almost a fatal accident, which was merely caused by the wind and miscalculation. In an interview with LA Weekly, the producer retold the almost embarrassing foray which nearly cost him his life.

"I'd gone to [his friend's] house to watch the Superman bootleg," he began. "Everybody fell asleep and I decided to call it a day and get my scooter out of the garage. I started going down this hill and the wind took my hat, so I removed one hand to grab the hat and tried to squeeze the brakes--but I was squeezing the front brakes and flipped my whole shit."

"I was literally driving three minutes away," he continues. "I don't use that scooter for anything other than recreational Highland Park visits. It's not like I'm some fucking motorcycle speed demon. The thing is electric; it goes forty. But, it's pretty fucking heavy. It flew on top of me and I was going downhill. And it felt like when a super villain pounds the superhero into the concrete, and it breaks. I felt pummeled underneath the pressure. It could have bent me in half."

What resulted was, as one might expect from a fall like that, are several debilitating injuries. After waiting for 45 minutes at the hospital, in which he received no treatment, doctors discovered that he was suffering from internal bleeding. After going into emergency surgery, he had has spleen removed, staples in his chest, wounds on his hip, and a repaired dislocated shoulder.

The interview with LA Weekly writer Jeff Weiss took place three days after the horrific event, in which The Gaslamp Killer was still relocated to his bed in Mount Washington. The ordeal, which still even prevents him from wearing ordinary clothing, has forced him to cancel his upcoming European and Asian tour dates while he works on his upcoming album. Also, he will never be able to drink or do drugs again.

"I literally could fucking die from alcohol," he explains. "I could load up and turn blue and die from a night of drinking. Fall asleep and not wake up. I'm not talking like ecstasy and coke. I'm not even talking psychedelics. Just drinking." "I don't have anything against partying. It's fun. I get it. It's just not an option anymore. It's very real and fucking upsetting. Especially for someone like me who grew up taking whatever the fuck I felt like at that moment. You live in the moment, you don't want to be a square."

The full interview is available at LA Weekly's website.