Label: The Stereo Tree Website: I'll confess, prior to being sent the latest single by Sheffields 'The Gentlemen' I'd heard nothing by them and being the pessimistic kind person that I am, I wasn't sure they'd be any good. British Indie just isn't my cup of tea. Well get the kettle on because I fancy a brew. Drink jokes aside, they're pretty good. They're very much an Indie band but with a slight Jazz edge which makes them slighlty more interesting than your average three chord flimsy indie band. Out of 'Sending Cards' and the b-side 'All's Well' I kind of prefer the second track though I can totally see why they went with 'Sendinf Cards' as it's got huge commerical potential. My only problem with the band is the singer. He seems to constantly switch between a really weak soudning voice to a really great voice which really bugged me. Other than that 'Sending Cards' is a pretty solid single. Good work guys. Rating: 7/10