Last year, singer-songwriter Benjamin Woods, aka The Golden Dregs released his debut album titled Lafayette, an alt-country/Americana charmer that deserved way more attention than it initially received. Admittedly, Lafayette flew under my radar, however, Woods’ latest offering shall not go unnoticed.

Lifted from his forthcoming sophomore record, ‘Nobody Ever Got Rich’ (By Making People Sad), is thickly coated in mournful hues of sound accented by the simplistic pattering of drum machine, rustic flairs of piano, brooding but faint scratches of strings (possibly cello?) and most emphatically—a dreary wash of synth-bass.

Then there is Wood’s worn, Tom Waits-lite baritone, resonating deeply as it rasps and breaks through listeners’ hearts as the multi-instrumentalist sings in a near-whisper about a struggling father, “He speaks to God; ‘why’d I never got rich?’/ Hey son, you know I never got rich? / I worked all my damn life and never got rich.”

With the release of this beautifully drawn lo-fi ballad, Woods says: “The song is based on the relationship between a father and son. The son finds himself alone and struggling, and the father, failing to recognise his short fallings as a parent, fixates on how his own life hasn’t gone the way he’d hoped it would. And unable to communicate with his son or accept responsibility for his own unhappiness he turns to his god and asks ‘why?’”

Stream The Golden Dregs’ ‘Nobody Ever Got Rich’ above and follow Woods on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Catch The Golden Dregs on the following live dates:

23 Apr | The Social, London
04 May | Sound City, Liverpool
07 May | The Prince Albert, Brighton
08 May | The Old Blue Last, London
09 May | Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate
13 May | The Crofter’s Rights, Bristol
15 May | The Cavern, Exeter
11 June | Servant Jazz Quarters, London