Label: STRAY CAT RECORDS Release date: OUT NOW Website: The Good The Bad on Myspace If the term ‘surf rock’ conjures up the image of a confused Brian Wilson doo-wopping with his mates in a petting zoo whilst wearing a Hawaiian shirt and drinking malt shakes, then think again. The Good The Bad, a threesome hailing from decidedly surf free Copenhagen have taken the relentlessly saccharin genre, smashed out its glistening white teeth, bent it over their knee and spanked the living shit out of it before chopping it up and feeding it to Eagles of Death Metal, all the while watching A Fistful Of Dollars and smoking cheroots. Comprising of Adam on lead, Johan Lei Gellett on drums and ex Raveonette Manoj Ramdas on baritone guitar (a what now [ed's note: it's a down tuned 6 string innit]) The Good The Bad have already been picked up by the festival circuit, playing Roskilde, Popkomm and our own Hop Farm Festival this year, and have recently released their debut EP in the UK, helpfully titled, if you happen to work in the cataloguing section of HMV, From 001 to 004 (out November). With no vocal besides a few well placed lady groans, the EP kicks off with the imaginatively titled ‘001’, with a guitar riff not a million miles away from Molly’s Chambers had the Followill family grown up in Southern California rather than Assville,Tennessee. And a mere 1 minute 58 secs later segues seamlessly, with the help of a shot gun and an orgasm, into ‘002’, which ups the tempo and legs it off headlong into an angry dancefloor stomp. ‘003’ offers the closest thing to an actually hummable tune (should they ever stop being really fucking cool long enough to consider a ‘single choice’ this would be the one) but who likes humming anyway? 004 packs up the Sex Wax, finds a straw to chew on and starts a bar brawl in the nearest saloon. Tickling the chin of pastiche, this might not be the most original track in the world, but it’s raw(hide) and rowdy and still kicks the asses of anything The Killers or Kasabian have produced in the their entire lives. Finally we have ‘019’ (just when you thought you’d figured it out). Oozing with more snearing wild west bravado, the Danish desperados prove emphatically that they are the effortlessly uber cool face of the ‘New School Surf & Flamenco’ movement ( (c) The Good The Bad). They may be the only ones in the movement as yet, but that’s only because we haven’t caught up with them. In simple terms, The Good The Bad are Quentin Tarantino’s new favourite band, and he doesn’t even know it. Admittedly, if variety is what you’re after you might want to give ‘From 001 to 004’ a miss, but on the other hand if a ball grabbing, lip-snearing, lasso waving, surfboard crunching rock rampage is more up your alley - and why on earth wouldn’t it be? - then you could do a lot worse than sticking The Good The Bad on your Dansette. Rating: 8/10