"With psych-rock revivalist bands cropping up on both sides of the Atlantic, The Growlers are just one of many having to prove their worth as ones to watch. They have managed to evolve their brand of psych-rock over the past few years and have produced a much fuller, more diverse sounding record in the process. It seems going back to basics worked out pretty well for The Growlers." [Read Full Review]

The Growlers recently released the wonderful Hung at Heart through Fat Cat Records (though the LP has been delayed to April 8th due to manufacturing issues caused by Record Store Day) but just in case it passed you by, we're shinining a light on it via this handy 'Track-by-Track' guide, which was put together by the band. We've also thrown in an album stream for good measure (head here to buy the album).

If you're a 'crazy woman' get in touch with the band over at Facebook. You might just feature in a future song.

Track-by-Track Guide:

Simply put, 'Someday' is a song about my girl. It's me telling her a ring is coming soon, and a hope that I can provide for her like her father and mine provided for our mothers.

'Naked Kids' is about losing your lover, who I always like to think of as your true best friend. If she isn't your best friend, don't marry her.

'Salt on a Slug' isn't about a specific person. More of a blend of all my burned out friends and their struggle with dope addiction and their cry for help through radical behaviour.

'One Million Lovers' is about being baffled by the feeling of falling in love. That feeling that makes you think good and crazy thoughts like staying with one lover forever.

Some friends of mine asked if 'No Need For Eyes' was about them or someone we both know. I will not give out the name. But I will tell you he has little boy syndrome. The refusal to grow up and face reality. Just hides behind benders, likes to sleep in and has become the party chameleon. Its Not Don Ron.

'Living in a Memory' is about the Sexy Exy you broke up with but won't leave your everyday thoughts. Yet in order to love the next girl fairly you gotta burn out the memory of the last girl. Easier said then done.

'Pet Shop Eyes' is about the shy girls that give you puppy dog stares that say do what you want to me. Particularly one girl who frequented old growler shows. Also called prowlers.

People sometimes ask what the typical growlers fan is like, but they're all uniquely different so I can't paint them that easily. I'd say 'In Between' is a good explanation of how simple it is to relate to us.

'Burden Of The Captain' is me venting (bitching) about being the leader. A feeling that rarely gets me because I love this family.

'Row' is about what I'd do as a long distance ocean navigator following stars that change into unfamiliar patterns as I come to find new land. And upon arrival I would not be in the mindset of trying to carefully leave the land untouched. My footprint would be as big as my excitement.

It's hard for me to say no to things leading me to try and take on everything. 'It's No Use' is about my machoism. I've slowly been able to control it, but thank god I haven't distinguished it. Without it I would be worthless.

'Use Me for Your Eggs' is a song Matt wrote without any intention of me actually troubadouring to. But I liked it a lot. It ended up being another song about my infatuation with crazy women.

'Beach Rats' is about my childhood best friend I grew up at the beach with, and his transition from the beach to jail for drug abuse.

'Fruit is for Everyone' is the bender ender.