It's Coming on Christmas is the name of a new compilation created by Hannah Daisy and a of her friends that's got more than enough holiday songs to get you in the Christmas spirit, including contributions from Rae Morris, Marika Hackman, and a new tune from The Half Earth, 'Walking in the Air'.

It's a breathtaking and icy song that gives you the feeling you've just stepped outside of your house into the bone-chillling, brisk coldness of winter that's both a little harsh and incredibly serene all at the same time. That's not to say 'Walking in the Air' is harsh, of course - it's actually the opposite with its calming melodies and smooth vocals. You can almost see this song playing in the background of a film where the snow is falling quietly outside of a log cabin and a couple sits in front of a fireplace keeping warm.

Proceeds from the compilation are going towards CoppaFeel!, whose aim is to raise awareness and raise money for breast cancer research. You can pick up your copy over at BandCamp.

Listen below.

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