The Handsome Family is probably best known for its atmospheric, moody brand of Americana that became the soundtrack to the celebrated first season of HBO's True Detective. But on the band's most recent album, Unseen, the husband-and-wife duo of Brett and Rennie Sparks proved they could handle an unlikely genre: soul.

'The Red Door,' The Handsome Family's latest single which is having its music video premiere exclusively through The 405, is filled with a buoyant piano, stirring guitars and emotive vocals from Brett Sparks. "Why do you stand so many hours staring out across the sea?" he asks. "Why do you slip out past the black drapes when I pretend that I'm asleep?"

According to Rennie Sparks, both the song and video feature deeply personal themes and imagery for the group.

“Part Bluebeard, part Blue Velvet— red is the color of my true love’s fear," she says. "This video stars my niece Rebecca wandering the labyrinth of her own apartment building. Her neighbors will never forget the sight of her ghoulish, girlish glory. And, co-starring my husband Brett Sparks as the minotaur/the tell-tale heart/the man with his heart locked up inside a room full of dead women. Special effects brought to you by my own skills at stealing dead people’s vacation films and running them through a bucket of blood.”

Check out the pitch-perfect video for The Handsome Family's excellent track 'The Red Door' below.