The Happy Fits are a trio that specializes in the twee-est of twee pop. Electric cello, fruit puns, effortlessly catchy melodies, the whole deal. And the band, which is set to release its debut album Concentrate on May 25, seems to be relishing the good times and the people who facilities them, as evidenced by their latest single 'Achey Bones.'

Featuring jangly guitars aplenty and a sharp arrangement for that aforementioned cello, 'Achey Bones is three-and-a-half minutes of boundless exuberance. The song's music video knows where its joys will be most greatly received -- in the cozy confines of some house or intimate club. When 'Achey Bones' launches into its sing-a-long moments, one can almost feel that particular brand of house show heat that only can be created by a room full of people dancing and singing their asses off.

'Achey Bones' and The Happy Fits do not reinvent the wheel, nor do they seek to. What they want to do is make fun, dynamic music to soundtrack some damn good times for people. And on this mission, they have succeeded.

You can stream The Happy Fits' 'Achey Bones' below, and you can also see the band's upcoming U.S. tour dates further down the page. You can also pre-order their upcoming LP, Concentrate, right here.

  • 23 April - Eagles 34 (21+); Minneapolis, MN
  • 24 April - The Frequency; Madison, WI
  • 25 April - Landmark Lanes (21+); Milwaukee, WI
  • 27 April - Charm School (House Show); Chicago, IL
  • 28 April - Martyrs'; Chicago, IL
  • 29 April - Pioneer (21+); Indianapolis, IN
  • 1 May - The Blind Pig; Ann Arbor, MI
  • 2 May - PJ's Lagerhouse (21+); Detroit, MI
  • 3 May - The Grog Shop; Cleveland, OH
  • 4 May - Oakdale House (House Show); Akron, OH