Headphone news! The new AKG Y50 headphones have won the What Hi-Fi? Award for Product of the Year in the "On-ear headphones" category. Despite looking as if they might take style over substance – because, well, they're pretty (and available in an industrial rainbow of black, red, yellow or teal) – it's certainly not the case. These little beauties retail at £79.99, which I was pretty surprised at. For good headphones I always imagine a whole host of depressingly exorbitant prices, but the Y50s are wonderfully affordable.

Whilst these are sort of the flagship product for Austrian maker of headphones AKG's new Y-Series range, there are a couple of other pairs that deserve a mention, too. The Y40s, a less customisable but still-striking blue, yellow and black pair, are ultra-portable, with mini-sized cups and the ability to be folded flat, plus a remote/mic system that allows you to switch between music and social life (a hard decision) that bit more easily. These also clock in at £79.99. However, slightly more expensive are the Y45 BTs. Retailing at £109.99 these guys are wireless, are rechargeable (for up to 8 hours of music time), are also ultra-portable, and instead of being bright boast more of a timeless look: there's black with grey trim or cream with beige trim. Personally I'd go for the beige because I never actually got to see the 1970s with my own eyes.

You know that feeling when you haven't eaten food for a certain amount of time and then your brain tells you that you have to, like, eat something and your stomach feels weird? Like, being hungry? That's what I feel like now but with headphones in mind, even after my paltry descriptions. You can find out much more about the very attractive (in style and sound) AKG Y-Series over at their site.