The Heartbreaks Tour Diary
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Currently on tour with Carl Barat (as you'll discover..) The Heartbreaks have been keeping a little diary of the goings on. We were pleasingly given the opportunity to share it with you and hopefully you'll agree that it makes for pretty interesting reading! Here's the video to their debut single for you to listen to whilst you read, or to watch before you read, or whatever combination you so desire.
Friday 15th October – Brighton Coalition Dallow, Spicer, Pinkie, Cubitt... Hurry up put your shoes on. Rather fittingly for a band whose obsession with towns that cling to the coast of Blighty is well known, the first night of the Carl Barat tour came and went yesterday in the lovely Brighton. Following a brief search for the hotel in which Sting's 'Ace Face' works as a bell boy in Quadrophenia, we arrived at the venue to opening strains of a sound checked 'Death On The Stairs' (complete with lounge-jazz drums and cello) and met Carl in quiet, but buoyant mood. (Trademark mumble) Hello, I'm Carl (We know) Thanks for coming down lads. I was going to come down and watch you guys in London, but something came up. And I thought I'd get to see you on tour anyway. We're going to have some fun together, I think... (We think so) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At a loss as how to objectively describe our shows we've devised a recurring section for our online diary entitled 'Macca Says'. In this we will ask our tour manager Macca what he thought of our previous nights gig. Drum roll please. Macca Says Brighton was... quite emphatic. Thank you Macca and thank you Brighton, especially those that bought vinyl, they are becoming ever more limited by the day. Without wishing to spoil any surprises for those the the tour has not yet reached, Carl's set was wonderful, a nice mix of old and new. You will be most pleased. Streams of Lambrini are flowing... Love The Heartbreaks x Saturday 16th October – Cambridge Haymakers Macca Says "Brighton was the starter. Cambridge was the main course." Thanks Macca. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Post-show lock-in at the venue then pile in the van (Heatbreaks/Carl/Ollie (guitar)/Ollie (guitar tech), Mario (TM) and John (security)) for a party at a spiritual healer's house. She had a cowboy hat and a mirror ball. It was like Stringfellows with tarot cards. Tea, toast and hospitality at John's. A nicer man you will struggle to find. Stoke, we're ready.. Love The Heartbreaks X Sunday 17th October – Stoke Sugarmill Macca says: "Like a Sunday night out. No matter how hard you try it's never as good as the Friday or Saturday." Thank you Macca. To be fair; not a lot happens on a Sunday. Monday's on the other hand... Revitilised. Better Movement." Macca. (High praise indeed. He even bought us two bottles of wine as treat). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monday 18th October – Nottingham Rescue Rooms After a night back in Manchester, we made our way through the Peak District's A-roads towards the Rescue Rooms (the lack of service stations on which was to blame for a couple of sandwiches going opportunistically missing from a Greggs later that evening). Here's a review of the show: "The sold-out audience are treated to a vigorous set from Morecambe’s finest (or so we presume, having not been particularly aware of their music scene previously) The Heartbreaks, whose well groomed teddy-boy appearances offer a stark contrast to the previous math student-chic that was rocked by tonight’s other support band, Swimming. But once you ceased to be enraptured by the lead guitarist’s Happy Days quiff, The Heartbreaks’ brand of indie rock quirkiness really began to shine through in a performance bursting with energy and delivered with a somewhat confident swagger. Frontman Matthew Whitehouse cuts a frenetic persona on stage, switching between vocal and rhythm guitar duties to lead his band during numbers like ‘I Didn't Think It Would Hurt To Think Of You’ and ‘Liar, My Dear’ that whip up mass excitement in certain sections of the largely-intrigued audience. Judging from the surprisingly large numbers of pogoing punters in attendance, it’s evident that The Heartbreaks’ jangly riffs and cooing melodies have already begun to find favour amongst the populace, which underlines the success that the four-piece are sure to encounter in the coming future. " Nottingham: You were positively halluncinatory on the Liar, My Dear tour and full of grace again on Monday. Thank you. Glasgow (Coming off stage at Oran Mor) Ryan: “Who the fuck’s Ten-Ten? Everyone was shouting Ten-Ten at me.” Hergé-familiar bandmates: “Ryan. They were saying Tintin. You look a bit like the Belgian adventurer Tintin.” Ryan: “Oh.” After two days in Mancunia (recording commitments for the now oft-rumoured plastic soul sessions and Tim Burgess support slot (who, coincidently, dresses increasingly like a militant Japanese woman)), we found ourselves Glasgow bound, risking our lives for a picture beside a “Welcome to Scotland” sign on the hard-shoulder (tourists) and our liberty for stolen sandwiches (they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM! [Scottish army cheers]). The fact that Carl slept through sound check was eased by the fact that we were given use of Oran Mor’s Private Dining Room as a dressing room, complete with sumptuous seating area, views over the Kibble Palace and a wall-mounted moose head (he was a moose aboot the hoose). Maccas’s verdict for the show? Struggle to comment on this as I missed half the set. Can remember the hecklers (it was in good jest) and the venue was lovely. Afterwards is too hazy. Pints of wine… White Russians… That night we drank so many White Russians, all Joe could say was that his legs were “full of milk”. Leeds YOOOORKSHIRE… YOOOORKSHIRE. Expressive dancing to Bruce Springsteen with Mario, Ollie B and the Swimming boys (opening tour support) at Mojo’s. Sweepers bar was open. Thank you to all our lovely friends who came down. You can’t start a fire without a spark. Macca says? My second favourite show after Notts’. Spot on and plenty of crowd adulation. The best night out of the tour. Manchester Inevitable--dressing-room-shin-dig. Fairly sure Todd Grimshaw from Coronation Street was there. Fifteen minute game of word association with Rob Cross of Orphan Boy fame. A thrilling adopted home town performance. Thank you Macca.