Label: Passport Label Release date: 23/08/10 Link: Official Site The Holidays latest 7” release ‘Golden Sky’ is an ethereal mix of fragile yet soulful vocals, jaunty Indie pop guitar riffs and exotic pounding percussion all melted together to form a mellow yet engaging blend that sounds a bit like a chilled out Vampire Weekend being dropped into the middle of a rainforest left to fend for themselves. The Australian four piece have provided us with two tracks ‘Golden Sky’ and ‘Heavy Feathers’ which although similar in style are distinct enough to retain your interest and leave you considering booking up some bongo lessons. Both tracks draw heavily on interesting percussion riffs and dynamic drum patterns that really capture your attention and give substance to the thinly beautiful wails of lead vocalist Simon Jones and the accompanying underlying light, rippling synth patterns. ‘Heavy Feathers’ really stands out due to its more emotional nature with Jones’s wolf like howls echoing through a steel drum drenched night sky. Everything slowly gains depth with the addition of layered vocals and pounding samba riffs really adding to the force of the track. It’s a powerful mix yet it all fades out just as gently as it arrives. With debut album Post Paradise due out September 24th things are looking promising for The Holidays as their gentle yet intense and very full sound help to carve a musical niche that will no doubt be welcomed with open arms. Photobucket