Chilean duo The Holydrug Couple recently announced their new album Hyper Super Mega for release on September 14th, along with new single 'I'll Only Say This'. They've followed that up this week with another hazy beauty in 'Waterfalls'.

Speaking about the track Ives Sepúlveda Minho explains: "I wrote a demo for this about two years ago, on a morning that I had a bad hangover. At the time I was really into this sort of melodic/chill-out, instrumental house music and ‘Exile on Main St.’-like ballads. It was the last song that I recorded on 'Hyper Super Mega' and the lyrics are very abstract, they have metaphors of what it means to meet someone and fall in love.”

The abstractness of the lyrics pairs perfectly with the cloudy nature of this swirling ballad. Bobbing and weaving melodies intertwine to make a delicate current which flows around your mind, enshrouding you in warm and tender sound. Overall the graceful movement of 'Waterfalls' ensures that you're swept away in its torrential emotion, regardless of whether you read into the lyrics or not. Check it out below.

The Holydrug Couple's new album Hyper Super Mega comes out through Sacred Bones on September 14th and can be pre-ordered here.