Mash ups. You either love them or hate them. For some, they're a quick and easy way to make a track, requiring little original production, often just laying the vocals of one track over the beat of another. Yet, for many others, mash ups are the most fun an artist, and a listener, can have with music. It's like playing "spot the sample" and, when done right, just feels exciting. You only need to watch any live performance of Girl Talk in which he tries to mash up on the fly to see how wild people go when Iron Maiden gets paired with Wu Tang Clan.

The Hood Internet are another recognisable name in this game, having released their seventh mixtape to critical acclaim earlier this year (the A$AP Rocky/Purity Ring mash up being a particular favourite). Today they dropped a mash up of Fool's Gold's resident disco king, Treasure Fingers, and Ciara, who has been relatively quiet in recent years despite continuing to release albums since Goodies in 2004 but has smashed back on the scene this year.

What we get is the disco stylings of 'Cloud Life' mixed with the sultry vocals of Ciara's 'Body Party' (which might just be the best song she's ever done, for the record), turning both into an entirely different animal. While both tracks separately can quite easily soundtrack a dancefloor yet the former is more for your daytime dance session in the blazing sun while the latter is the 4am slow dance to chill out. Mix them together, however, and you have a disco track that could probably soundtrack a poolside orgy; a sexy banger.

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