Label: IsGood Ltd Website: www, This album is the sonic equivalent of salad in a burger. It always seems to be there, and it's a bit soggy, and you didn't really ask for it. You don't take it out because that's fussy and someone must like it, but you wouldn't miss it if it wasn't there. I don't eat burgers, but I do listen to music, and this album is as similar to lettuce as music can get. The first song, 'Big Black Hole', sets the precedent for pretty much the whole album: decent vocals, predictable piano chords and faintly pleasing melodies washed out with echo. These Days follows in a similar vein, sounding more and more like Keane or Coldplay as it progresses. Come On comes on (if you notice that the track has changed) and it continues in the same fashion. By now, it is hard not to notice a pattern emerging. Faint traces of The Killers and Editors can be heard throughout, not to the point where The Hours have ripped them off, but to the point where you are able to say 'it's all been done before, and better'. Think Again is the lowest point on the album - it sounds like it should be on one of those CDs you can buy in natural gift shops, between the whale sounds and the noise of water trickling down an Alpine rock face. Love Is An Action is the best track, with hints at an unusual time signature, a nice synthesiser part and some energy at last. Even in the best track, someone seems to have left a heavy object on the keyboard's 'echo' button. Every track suffers from this unnecessary resonance, which makes the album feel glossy and lethargic. At times during See The Light, you might find yourself nodding along, maybe even singing along; the problem is, almost every song loses your attention before it starts to get your foot tapping. It's unoriginal, uninspired and a little twee, and boring from beginning to end: I wouldn't turn it off if it came on the radio, on a bland radio station is exactly where I'd expect it in fact, but I'd only consciously decide to turn it on if I was suffering from serious insomnia. On a brighter note, if you click somewhere inaccessible on your screen during These Days, the little 'you can't click there'  bleep really adds something! Rating: 4/10