Label: Pure Groove Releasedate: Out now! Link: “…THE HUNDRED IN THE HANDS keep the raw energy of post-punk illuminating their minds and Studio One boogie-down beats churning in their guts…Ballrooms and bar floors are built strong, it’s time to give them a pounding.” Having been listening to a lot of Donovan, Zeppelin, and classic tunes these past few weeks, the single “Dressed in Dresden” from Brooklyn based band The Hundred in the Hands definitely gave me shock back into a thrash, post-punk reality. If you’re the kind of person who can dance the night away, smoke cartons of cigarettes in a night, and couldn’t give a f*ck, this fractured and palpitating single is GOLD! It’s got soothing polyrythms, hitting claps, rough serrated guitar lines, a catchy chorus, and breathy vocals. The Hundred In the Hands’ Eleanor Everdell is another one of those female vocalists backed up with scuzzy electro Kitsuné influenced grooves, which pump us up for an epic disco-punk party. The single is serenaded with delicate and ambiguous lyrics and a slaying beat. Might I just say, perfect for the ambiguous “relationship” that will spontaneously occur as you get down to it. In terms less vague, hollowing out each other's hearts’ is one way of putting a one-night stand. To sum up, "Dressed In Dresden" is strictly for partying purposes (or, if you need to fuel up on caffeine and pull an all-nighter) ! Eventually it gets really repetitive and just a bit tiresome. However, to end on a positive note, there was magic in the recording studio the night “Dressed in Dresden” was composed. Their 7-year history with The Boggs was pleasurable, but I think its also great to see how Eleanor and Jason have progressed as artists. They've closed a chapter in their lives but also have started a new, hard-hitting escapade. They are just as creative and even more so, eternally cool. Rate: 8.5/10 MP3: You can download "Dressed In Dresden" and "Undressed In Dresden" here.