The Icarus Line have confirmed the release of their sixth studio album, Slave Vows on July 1st on Agitated. They have also premiered the first Album Teaser (of 4) via The Quietus today which features Annie Hardy and the track 'Marathon Man'.

They have taken a "live in the studio" approach to this album saying that it was all about "capturing performances" and getting more of a raw sound as they "couldn't face putting fucking headphones on" again.

Described as "a masterpiece of wracked, sordid and vital rock'n'roll’, this album looks set to be the album that The Icarus Line have been working towards, with high expectations to live up to, the first teaser is a sign of good things to come.

  • 1. Dark Circles
  • 2. Don't Let Me Save Your Soul
  • 3. Marathon Man
  • 4. Dead Body
  • 5. No Money Music
  • 6. City Job
  • 7. Laying Down For The Man
  • 8. Rats Ass