In a remarkable move by The Independent, the paper (online) has revealed the winners for tonight's award ceremony.

The article has since been removed, but it did (from memory) suggest that Kasabian won 'Best British Band', with Florence and The Machine claiming 'Best Solo Artist' (beating Adele) and the Vaccines for 'Best New Band'.

The article also commented on the events of the evening. So what gives? The NME/artists involved are all tweeting as if the event is tonight, so is it a giant cover up for an event that has already taken place? Is it The Independent trying to go 'viral' with a made up story, or is it a combination of both.

The newspaper would probably have advance info on the eventual winners (they'd be determined well in advance for obvious reasons) - and have probably commented on the night's events as a way of getting a jump on everyone else.

Very, very interesting.