Hailing from San Francisco, Colin Magalong is generating a lot of buzz for his tremendous vocals, infectious melodies, and airtight grooves. With his debut EP, Scrimmage, due out late next month, Magalong is dropping a fantastic remix of 'Bodies In A Room,' a track found on his new record.

The remix, which injects bouncy basslines and club-ready bombast into Magalong's already exhilarating track, was orchestrated by German DJ Alle Farben. According to Magalong, getting to have his work remixed by Farben was an amazing opportunity.

"Alle Farben is one of my favorite DJs," explains Magalong. "So when he agreed to remix 'Bodies in a Room”, I was ecstatic. He has a sound that is celebrated all over the world and I can’t wait for everyone to hear his take on 'Bodies in a Room.'"

You can check out Alle Farben's remix of Colin Magalong's 'Bodies In A Room' up above, and be sure to check out Magalong's Scrimmage EP when it drops on Sept. 28.