>Since their invention by singer & songwriter Jamie McDermott in 2002, The Irrepressibles have gone on to collide the worlds of classical orchestration, couture fashion & sonic experimentation with incredible tales of his journey - each piece reaching a sense of playful abandon and often an intensity of emotion. With this The Irrepressibles have placed an emphasis on creating spectacle. From performances at Tate Britain , The Hackney Empire, The Roundhouse, to media grabbing spectacles at Latitude Festival in 2007 and 2008, The Irrepressibles continue to collaborate with international artists bringing to fruition the unique, often landmark, live performances. Using film, real-time collaboration with painters and makeup artists, avant-garde costume, set and dance, the collective have created visions of extraordinary worlds in which to inhabit their music. Their 'performance art pop' has been compared to artists such as Laurie Anderson, Bonzo Dog Do Dah Band, early David Bowie, Kate Bush, & Bjork. Though this is where the comparison ends. The Irrepressibles' sound is certainly like nothing heard before. Jamie McDermott's "inhuman" range soars above intricate polyphonic arrangements; a flamboyant mix of jazz 'crooner', counter-tenor and glass-shattering soprano. Songs slide effortlessly through Gershwin-styled verses, samba-riddled bridges to end in Baroque ornamentation. The resulting sound is a perfectly androgynous musical style, and one pivoted in real stories of metropolitan life and uncompromising passion. The Irrepressibles release a 7 track CD/DVD package “From the Circus to the Sea” in collaboration with ‘backwards motion’ film maker and winner of the IMZ best choreography on screen award - Shelly Love. An intensely surreal and lush forgotten world is brought back to life intensified by the richly descriptive score of The Irrepressibles. Available from the 12th January as a CD.DVD package through mail-order and select shops across Europe, this precursor to The Irrepressibles debut full album most certainly possesses a world of its own.