The Joy Formidable describe themselves as being a heavy thrash metal band when playing live and they definitely don’t disappoint. The three piece band feed off each other and the amount of dedication they throw into each song is phenomenal. You often wonder yourself how you will be able to keep with each song being strummed from Ritzy Bryan’s and Rhydian Dafydd’s guitars. JF have a wide devotion of fans, especially in their home country of Wales, with several mosh pits and masks of the band member’s faces being worn by particularly smitten fans. Much to JF’s amusement and sometimes horror of the specific face used and frozen onto the mask. The stage set of bird cages and glowing, light orbs is oddly haunting and gives a dark, countryside feel and is the exact opposite of the sound that crashes through your eardrums. JF’s drummer Matt Thomas is astounding to watch. He literally throws himself into each track and attacks the drums with a great foray of hands and drumsticks. Joy Formidable kicked off their set with ‘The ever changing spectrum of lie’ starting as they mean to go on with Ritzy Bryan’s vocals holding over the stunning sound of the music breaking through hers and guitarist’s Rhydian’s Dafydd fingertips. The melodies of ‘The magnifying glass‘, ‘I don’t want to see you like this’ and ‘the greatest light is the greatest shade’ appears in great contrast to the thrash metal sound, yet work together in harmony as Ritzy Bryan’s voice encapsulates you to listen to her depressing, however not forever, lyrics. ‘I don’t want to see you like this’ stood out as one of their new songs off of their new album and portrays of a greatness yet to come from the welsh band. The raw energy of Joy Formidable continued with ‘Austere‘, ‘Ostrich‘, ‘Greyhounds in the slips’ and slowly winding down to an almost Christmas feel for ‘My beer drunk soul is sadder than a hundred dead Christmas trees.’ Ritzy Bryan’s charming and powerful vocals stay with you after ‘The last drop’ leading you into the rawness melody of ‘Cradle’ highly contrasting with ‘Whirring’ and its force of heavy guitar creating waves of music Joy Formidable put upon you. If there is one thing you do in the next year, make sure you catch this band live. They are a force to be reckoned with. Their pure musical energy will almost lift you onto the stage with them and into their haunting lyrics.