Bands with sunshine melodies and acerbic wit are the Scottish music scene's ace in the hole, and over the decades they've produced a good number of them. One of those bands who deserves to be mentioned in this crowd is The Just Joans, the collective formed around the dichotomy of brother-sister duo David and Katie Pope. However, the reason they might not be so well represented in these discussions is their tendency to come in and out of activity, with their first and last proper full-length to date Last Tango In Motherwell, coming out back in 2006.

That's about to change though as The Just Joans are back, bigger and better than ever, and on the cusp of releasing a new album entitled You Might Be Smiling Now... on December 1st. The band is now a sextet, and the multitude of instrumentation and melodic input has inflated their sound to grander and weightier size, without losing any of the charm, bitterness or dynamism that makes them a noteworthy, humorous and thoroughly enjoyable listen in any situation.

Today we have the pleasure of premiering 'O Caledonia', the opening track from You Might Be Smiling Now.... You can get a taste of the conflicting joy and nihilism that runs throughout The Just Joans' music just by reading David Pope's description of the song:

"‘O Caledonia’ is a song inspired by my four-year-old niece who is, as yet, completely oblivious to the pain, misery and heartache that lies in wait just around the corner. This is our message to the young: You Might Be Smiling Now... Perhaps it’s the legacy of John Calvin and strict Northern Presbyterianism. Perhaps it’s the miserable weather and shite football. Either way, there feels a peculiar doom-laden cynicism at the heart of the Scottish psyche. Life is long and hard and filled with sin and guilt, and that’s the way it’s meant to be. Enjoy the song - or, actually, don’t enjoy the song. Just set your face against the wind and endure it."

Listen to 'O Caledonia' below.

Keep an eye out for The Just Joans' You Might Be Smiling Now... arriving through Fika Recordings on December 1st. For now keep up with the band on Facebook.