The Kills' new album Ash & Ice is out June 3 via Domino. Leading up to the project's release, the duo have unveiled their video for 'Siberian Nights,' where wolves and horses run through the desert in the Giovanni Ribisi-directed visuals. Read the director's statement below.

"I've always looked at videos from a cultural perspective," Ribisi said. "Whether it's about a single, cultural event or some facet of the band. Over the course of making this video, what was there evolved into being something more abstract. However, during its early conception, I was enamored with a John Houston film called The Misfits. Ernst Haas was there during the making of it, taking photographs. His pictures were some of the many references for the video. The Kills have always been one of my favorite bands. Their music is undeniable. It was a pleasure and a privilege for me to work on this."