If last year's confrontational and challenging Shaking the Habitual tour was The Knife tearing up the synthpop rule book, then today's news is them incinerating it. The Swedish pop duo have announced they are working on an "anti-national cabaret" called Europa Europa with art group Ful.

The cabaret's intents are detailed on the official Europa Europa website, which describes in Swedish how the show is meant to "highlight the human rights abuses that Sweden and the EU commits every day through the common asylum and migration policy," and celebrate and encourage "defying cameras, dangerous water, barbed wire, police violence and compact political resistance."

The Knife may be writing new music for the cabaret, but they are not its creators, Europa Europa is written and directed by Nasim Aghili, the duo are only listed as its house band.

The cabaret premieres on July 1st in Visby, Sweden. Watch the video for 'A Tooth For An Eye' below.

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