The wonderfully wierdo trio of Trudy and The Romance return with yet another romantically forsaken single from their debut record Sandman, out May 24.

Following the release of lead single ‘The Original Doo Wop Spacemen,’ ‘Doghouse’ delivers a similar, sweet-to-the-ears blend of surf-rock tones and obvious hues of doo-wop, a sound which the band in the past self-described as “50s mutant pop.”

As vocalist/frontman Olly Taylor's swooning, alley-cat cry fills the air, there’s a perspiring a lovelorn cheesiness about the Liverpool band’s single—and sound overall— that’s easy to adore. That being said, Trudy and the gang’s latest will pull you in close and dance the night away.

Arguably so, ‘Doghouse’ harkens closer to the doo-wop era more than the rather textured and layered lead single released just two months prior. In fact, ‘Doghouse’ radiates a vintage sense or desire and romance that only exists in the type of films that Trudy attempts to capture through their own music video, which Taylor describes as “a noir with vibrant cartoons.”

In the video, a shuffling drifter—Taylor—mopes around in a bar, dejected, searching for love. Then out of thin air, the floodgates to a colorfully-animated world, ala ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit,’ open, eventually lifting the despondent Taylor from his down-and-out headspace.

Check out the music video to ‘Doghouse’ above and follow Trudy and the Romance on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Along with the upcoming release of their debut LP, catch Trudy and The Romance live on the following tour dates in May:

21 May | Oslo, London
22 May | Yes Basement, Manchester
23 May | Broadcast, Glasgow
28 May | The Crofters Rights, Bristol
29 May | Cafe Totem, Sheffield
30 May | Jacaranda Records, Liverpool