As the sun came out today we found ourselves staring out of the window and dreaming of all the great festivals coming up in the next couple of months. Naturally, our thoughts drifted towards this year's Latitude festival, which is only a few short weeks away.

It's shaping up to be one of highlights of the musical year with longtime 405 bro's like Bon Iver and Metronomy holding down the main stage. While more great bands than we have the time to mention* prop up the various stages scattered through the woods and by the lake. Just thinking about that is making us drool at the prospect, because music is only the half of it when it comes to Latitude.

We hope you enjoy drifting off into your daydreams for a little while, we will post our official preview soon, but we hope this whets your appetite in the meantime. Lets get excited together shall we?

* Instead of mention them, we made a little playlist of some of our favourites. Be aware that this is only a few and no-where near all of the great bands hiding on the smaller stages just waiting for you to trip over them.

For more details on this years festival, which takes place on the 12th to the 15th of July, head over to the official Latitude website.