If you ever wondered how to lose a loyal fan-base just ask The Libertines. Not only did they disappoint on so many occasions in the first half of the noughties and then split up at the height of the career, they have somehow managed to do it again. It’s been six years since The Libertines toured as the four-piece of Peter Doherty, Carl Barat, John Hassall and Gary Powell. Drugs were the reason for the split, money seems the reason for the reunion. Before The Libertines there was a lack of interesting British guitar bands, they inspired so many kids to pick up guitars and fill the void. There hasn’t really been much demand for a reunion, people have got bored of what seemed like a pantomime that would never end for the Pete and Carl saga. It finally concluded costing Festival Republic £1.2 million to get the band to perform at this summer's Reading & Leeds Festival. That isn’t a bad wage for a band with just two albums worth of material. The interviews after the reunion seemed genuine, they looked like lost friends who had missed each other. This was in March, with only three weeks till their festival spot they have only just started to practice. On Friday tickets for Arcade Fire’s UK arena tour go on sale. The Canadian seven-piece are currently sitting at the top of numerous album charts across the world with their new masterpiece The Suburbs. Famed for exhilarating live performances this will be a tour not to be missed and it will be worth the £30 ticket price in today’s market (prices have risen due to a number of factors, illegal downloading being the main one). On Monday, if Ticketmaster can deal with the demand, there will be tickets on sale for The Libertines reunion gig at the HMV Forum, an ‘intimate’ gig of around two thousand to warm-up for the festivals, this is essentially a band practice with an audience. The band have allowed their loyal fans to register for a chance to purchase tickets. The tickets cost THIRTY QUID. It’s a disgrace, that isn’t how you pay back the people who stuck by a band for so long. Why do they need all this money? How do they have the cheek to charge the same as Arcade Fire. They will probably play some ‘last minute’ gigs in tiny venues in London to and charge £20 on the door. The Strokes only charged a tenner when they played their tiny warm-up show at Dingwalls in June. There has been a backlash, they deserve it. I am pretty disgusted by this but the worst thing is that I will pay it.