A new label based in Leipzig wants you to send them your music so they can release it, no questions asked. Type-0 was launched by partners James M. Holt and Juliette De Momigny and aims to give independent artists a platform to share their work; it really is that simple. They just put out their very first release for The Lone Bureaucrat, a moniker of Holt’s, but they are itching to do more. Both founders are immensely talented: Holt has his music project and Momigny is an accomplished visual artist. She created a story out of Holt’s recent hospital stay and stitched it together for 'nie', a single from Final Reset, The Lone Bureaucrat’s new album. Watch the video exclusively on the 405 below.

While he didn’t really play hide-and-seek with himself, Holt was in the hospital for a legitimate medical reason: pneumothorax, also known as a collapsed lung. While recovering, he and Momigny were able to film two sides of an infinite story with very little resistance from staff or other patients as there were very few people around at any given time. Holt described the experience as “surreal,” but ultimately “morbidly worth having that unpleasant health scare.”

It seems impossible to associate a narrative of any kind with ambience, but 'nie' and its video manage to inexplicably complement one another. A persistent pulse in the song is a manifestation of curiosity, pulling us with our protagonist through barren hallways to find answers that are somehow always just out of reach. Final Reset is The Lone Bureaucrat’s second official record--not including a soundtrack for a video game that never was--and builds on his last full-length, Survival Behind the Curtain. The most striking difference would probably be in his previous single, 'We’ll Be Here Again', which features that doomsday prophecy from Charles Bukowski. 'nie' is far less alarmist, though equally as compelling.

You can buy Final Reset on Bandcamp. Be sure to follow Type-0 for updates on future releases.