Manchester post-punks The Longcut re-emerged in January with 'Death Mask', the first new piece of music to come from them since 2009. Despite the extended break they came back with not a speck of dust on them, 'Death Mask' bouncing out with all sorts of jagged ideas and aural inventions. Today we have the pleasure of following that up with 'Arrows', the title track from their forthcoming third album.

Where 'Death Mask' was erratic, 'Arrows' is streamlined and patient - but no less ambitious. As it cuts its way through its five minutes, The Longcut show their proficiency for detail, as they gradually add layers bit by bit until we're left with a heavyweight load barreling towards the song's thrilling finale. It's reminiscent of other sky-searching bands, but with a more determined and industrious sound. The band have cited brutalism as an influence on their new music, and you can hear that in their austere and clean vision of 'Arrows'.

Touching on their extended absence and the importance of this track, the band's singer Stuart Ogilvie says “Much of Arrows was born out of frustration with the whole process," while bassist Jon Fearon adds “We were going to call it Monuments because of this process of chipping away and adding things... Eventually we settled on Arrows; it’d be easy to read too much into it but really, it’s about people. ‘Arrows’ was also the track that pushed us to finish the record, even when it was tough.”

Listen to 'Arrows' below.

The Longcut's album Arrows arrives on April 6th via Deltasonic. Follow them on Facebook. They’ll also be playing the following live dates:

04 May 2018 - Soup Kitchen, Manchester, UK
06 May 2018 - Stereo, Glasgow, UK
10 May 2018 - The Lexington, London, UK