Winsford band The Luka State have been toiling for a few years now in their local music scene, jamming together as frequently as possible, and building up a sonic potency that can be seen in any of their fearless live performances. This has been translated into their thrilling new single 'Bury Me'.

The Luka State go hell for leather from second number one of 'Bury Me', as a short count-in acts as the fuse to the bomb that is the blustering guitar that charges through the track. Singer Conrad Ellis sounds just on the edge of breathlessness throughout, as he describes the charged tale of finally making physical contact with someone you've desired for so long, and the unfaltering bombast of the track drives home the eruption of excitement that comes upon finally reaching this heavenly state. 'Bury Me' is constantly teetering on the edge of going off the rails completely, but The Luka State's desire and dedication keeps it thundering forwards through thrilling drum breakdowns and a gale-force conclusion.

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