A perfect showcase of English folk talent exuded from the stunning Norwich venue. Support came from Coco's Lovers and Norwich based, Grenouilles, who opened the show to an atmosphere which was alive and buzzing.

This show was Grenouilles' first with bass and drums, and being quite familiar with their music, I was surprised by how tight and coherent the merging of their previous sound with this new evolution was. Stand out track 'Bones', a fine example of Matthew Myles' lyrical talent, alongside Ally Rogers' operatic vocals and piercing violin, was made all the more powerful alongside pounding drums and bass lines. This band seem to be getting better, larger, more textually complex and powerful with each gig.

Grenouilles paved the way for a perfect transition to the next support band, Coco's Lovers. Hailing from Deal, Kent, this 8 piece group of husbands, wives, brothers and sisters entirely fill the stage, creating an incredible array of textured vocal harmonies alongside a violin, tenor banjo, mandolin, guitars, flute and ukulele to name a few. One could criticise for their sound being a little samey, but each song was equally impressive in standard, and their set seemed to tell a story about travelling and community, songs which fit nicely with their homely, weathered, folk image.

It is beyond words to describe The Mariner's Children live presence; not a soul spoke, left the venue or removed their eyes from the stage. A combination of Mumford & Sons and Arcade Fire, their seven members create densely intense music, packed with raw energy and gusto. The dominating sound of 'Coal' filled the entire venue with ease and it was clear to all just how much they were enjoying the performance. 'It Carved Your Name Into The Ground' was definitely the most memorable track of the evening; it is unarguably an anthem, pounding the eardrums with majestic, atmospheric instrumental and vocal harmonies which end in utter climax. Heartfelt and emotionally powerful songs led to a complete loss of all inhibition, Benedict Rubinstein especially shouting and screaming in full force.

After numerous folk calls, stomping, clapping and general guffawing, it was an exhausting but exhilarating experience, and a collective sadness washed over the crowd when it was time to go home. The Mariner's Children The New Moore Island EP is a must buy, and was released by Broken Sound Music on November 1st 2010.