Over the last decade you'd be hard pressed to find a band more hardworking, prolific and chameleonic as The Men. They formed in 2008, released their debut album Immaculada in 2010, released five more albums over the next six years, and today have announced that they will be releasing LP7, entitled Drift, on March 2nd.

Over the course of their 10 years they have been impossible to pin down, swerving from scorching post-punk to neanderthal punk to Americana to shoegaze to bar-room rock and hitting several stops in between. Judging from new song 'Maybe I'm Crazy' they seem set to throw another curveball with Drift. A crunchy, whisper-sung aching rocker replete with wailing sax and delicate feedback, 'Maybe I'm Crazy' shows that The Men still have several tricks up their sleeves, even for long-time listeners. Check it out below.

Pre-order Drift here.