Mews is a very intimate project space that is tucked away behind the better known Whitechapel Art Gallery. Having been running since April 2009, Mews has pursued the aim of establishing a link between the Portuguese and British art communities. They develop networks between artists by displaying two solo exhibitions together each month, and inviting other project spaces and curators to the view and contribute. I went with other artists, Lydia Brain, Conor Jatter and Tom Webster to speak to the founders, Mikael Larsson and Carlos Noronha Feio, who informed us on how the space operates. Recently, they exhibited the works of David Rickard, Romeu Gonçalves, and they also played host to a performance by Giorgio Sadotti. If you would like to know about what the Mews has coming up in the future, you can sign up to their mailing list on their blog here.