Label: Humble Soul Release date: 31/05/10 Link: Myspace The Miserable Rich are a modern baroque pop band build out of the greatest musicians of Willkommen Collective, a group of bands based in Brighton. They use classical instruments combined with modern and nostalgic songwriting to create their own unique pop; a mixture of acoustic pop, chamber pop, classical pop and dream pop. The Miserable Rich’s second album Of Flight and Fury is a delicate and easy listening kind of album you can listen to in your garden, on almost full volume, without really bother anyone. The music is almost floating through your speakers and leaves you an irresistible feeling of peace, while you think about how wonderful life actually is. The opening track 'Pegasus' is a lovely introduction to Of Flight and Fury, and it gives you a perfect example of The Miserable Rich’s interpretation of dream pop, combined with an intensive violin interaction. This track slide very well into the next track, 'Chestnut Sunday'. This is an inventive violin acoustic guitar pop driven piece of work, and it’s one of the tracks that represent the typical sound of The Miserable Rich. 'Somerhill' is the ultimate summer track. It has some harmonic lyrics that remind you of summer and summer people. And random – and not so random people you’ll meet, and never see again. It’s has a lovely orchestral – and vocal movement. 'Bye Bye Kitten' and 'What a Day' are two of the heavier tracks on the album. They both have a deeper and more intensive musical composition based on acoustic guitars and a violin. Good Stuff. Photobucket