With Complete Control of Your Vehicle, their first release since 2014's Emotional Performance Motorcycle, Belts & Whistles flagship trio The Miz'Ries take us on an exhilarating journey through what they describe as "chopped and screwed primordial pop set within a future wasteland."

Recorded as live improvisations in band member Jeff Snyder's Mad Scientist lair Synderphonics Studios and edited and mixed at Princeton University's Electronic Music Studios, Complete Control of Your Vehicle sees the trio mapping out a unique and chemically unstable soundworld all their own.

Jeff Snyder plays a homemade analog modular synthesiser; Quinn Collins runs a turntable through delay and distortion, and Leila Adu provides spoken word fragments, full vocal ballads, sound effects, out of time loops and crunchy drum pads. From within this framework, the six songs on the EP traverse a range of shapes including extreme noise, burnt-out electronica, and industrial hip-hop. Ruptured, dystopian and imaginative, it's a sonic palette befitting a group who have been described as "the band who play at the bar the bad guys hang out with," and shared stages with HPrizm aka High Priest (of Anti-Pop Consortium), BABL and Matt Shipp.

On Sunday the 25th of September, they're launching Complete Control of Your Vehicle with a show at New York's C'MON EVERYBODY venue. You can stream/purchase Complete Control of Your Vehicle through the Belts & Whistles Bandcamp page now.