The Molochs can already lay claim to one of 2016's strongest singles, 'No More Cryin.' Now, just about two months before the release of their album, America's Velvet Glory, the 60s-tinged rock group is debuting 'You And Me.'

According to lead singer Lucas Fitzsimmons, the track "is about losing the struggle to control one's emotions. The sentiment is accompanied by a nice Hammond organ." The single continues The Molochs impeccable streak of effortless 60s emulation and expansion. The group clearly possesses a knack for making the vintage sound new and the new sound vintage.

America's Velvet Glory is due out on Jan. 13 through Innovative Leisure. The Molochs will be making the rounds shortly thereafter, including stops at SXSW and San Francisco's Noise Pop festival. Check out 'You And Me' below.