It has recently become apparent that pop folk is cool, and there are many artists jumping on the bandwagon. London based The Momeraths, named after a character from the Jabberwocky sequence in Alice and Wonderland, take the genre of twee indie pop to a new level of sweetness. The band were formed at the University of Kingston upon Thames in 2008 and have quickly made a name for themselves and their sound. While some have described them as adding freshness to the newly reviving pop folk genre, it's difficult for them to stand out as unique amongst other competitors, such as The Kabeedies, Blood Oranges or the champions of acoustic indie pop Slow Club.

Maybe in the past condemned for their constant happy go lucky tone, the new home-made five track EP Your Winter Bones really deals with a winder range of emotions, from the ridiculously high spirited 'Chopped Onions' to the much more mellow title track 'Your Winter Bones'. They also however, have managed to create two pretty amazing seasonal EPs; the first, A Single Cup of Tea released in April is a real summer selection of tracks, while Your Winter Bones (not surprisingly) reflects the feelings of the colder, dimmer, yet optimistic winter months.

The Momeraths music is simple, yet skilful, and you can honestly feel that a lot of time and effort has gone into perfecting these songs. This EP is a mix of acoustic guitar, strings and tapping of not only drums but chair legs or other inanimate objects. The dueting of the two talented singers Paolo and Claire adds the final layer to a great mix of sounds. Track one, 'Chopped Onions' is a cheerful song with interesting drumming and a optimistic use of xylophones. This track is alarmingly similar to Slow Club and in a way almost reduced my enjoyment as I hankered for a little more originality. Thank God for 'Itchy Feet'. The third track on the EP it is a particularly special one with a real sense of sentimentality. It deals with the issue of being with someone who can't do anything for themselves and the problems this brings explaining "It's hard, I can't rely on you". It really sums up the bands lyrically theme, broadly based around naivety of youth and the pains of young love.

'Last Time Around' one of the male vocal led tracks, reminiscent of good times gone and has an particularly atmospheric mix of a steady drum beat with the odd strum of an electric guitar echoing in the background. 'Your Winter Bones' draws the EP to a close. As a seasonal song it really has a winter feel and is a pretty heartfelt and warming track. Vocally perfect, and lyrically intricate, it explores some almost haunting ideas, "and you feel a chill as settle in your winter bones, so it is you'll be forever alone".

The EPs great mix of softer sounding instruments, meticulously placed where they sound most effective gives the album quite a magical feel. Yet I find myself asking whether I could listen to this band over and over again without feeling a little sick. Its sweetness, gentleness and pleasant sound is almost to much to bare. The band first release Crayon Colours came in a hand knitted case, and included a dot to dot and crayons. If that is your kind of thing, then these are really worth a listen.