Sometimes, don't you find yourself asking the big, overarching important questions in life? Like, what is my favourite track to dance to at 2 in the morning? Or, what is the best ever cover recorded? Well, at The 405, we are a constant stream of such hard-hitting issues and queries and, from the sounds of things, so are the bands and artists we love. So, we went out in search of the answers to the essential issues from the mouths of up and coming, established and brand new artists in our revived feature, The Monthly Musical Matter!

And with schmaltzy Valentine's Day somewhat in mind, I'm sure you're ready to confess your undying love to somebody. Single, red rose in hand, slightly crumpled after smushing into the midst of that commuter rush? CHECK! Pre-practiced speech explaining how your friendship has grown into something so much more, most of which is taken from a selection of rom-coms or Shakespearean sonnets? CHECK! Wait, what song will you play? What tune could possibly help you explain how much you adore this person? Well, here's some ideas...

Golden Daze

This Valentine's Day jam goes out to all the lonely hearts out there. This song is a reminder to the lonely and broken-hearted to keep your chin up.

It expresses an undying love for someone you haven't met yet but is out there waiting for you...

Max Bloom of Yuck

This was actually Jonny's brother's first dance at his wedding. Isn't that the most indie rock thing you've ever heard of? This song just has the most achingly beautiful lyrics I've ever heard: "And as long as it's talking with you, talk of the weather will do." It really does make me want to break down in tears and call my mum.

Juval Harring of Vaadat Charigim

I'm gonna go with a cult classic here because it's just so damn good. Confessing your love to someone can be pretty embarrassing. You need a good solid song that says "Look, I'm in love with you, but I'm also not some sappy idiot, and though I am in love with you, somewhere deep inside, I'm still me, and I'm still alone, and I'm totally OK with that". To me this is what this seemingly romantic, but actually very individualistic song says.


To show someone my love, I'd definitely play them some music that seems to come straight from the soul. As this song does. Soul music. If this song doesn't set your heart and soul on fire you're not the right woman for Dinner.


In my next life I'd love to be a country singer, but for now I'll just listen to Lucinda Williams. She's such a badass, as everyone knows! I however, didn't know, had no idea! I heard this song, 'Right in Time', when my boyfriend played it for me on a road trip. I think it came on somewhere around the East New York/Bushwick border as we were coming back into town. Later, listening by myself, I realized in one verse she's singing about getting off by herself while lying on her bed, thinking about her man. Hot Stuff! Anyway, I'd play this for anyone but especially the person I love who showed it to me. And come on, it's Lucinda!

Kristine Leschper of Mothers

Something about this song feels so entirely private - like overhearing your mother and father speaking tenderly to each other, something you almost feel guilty listening to. It feels like encroaching on a very human moment between two people.

C Duncan

This is one of those tracks that I sometimes pretend to myself I wrote. I like to think that if I then presented it to someone they would fall head over heels in love with me. Sadly, I didn't write it... it's so romantic in style and lyrically. The almost 'Royalettes' style instrumentation and arrangement set beneath Richard Hawley's low breezy voice creates an almost wintery world full of amorous optimism.

Lou E

To me this song is the perfect confession of the most innocent of intentions and a brilliant song to confess your undying love to anyone. This is because instead of being a ridiculous ode to some unimaginable, deified figure the genius of this song lies in the Sister person, nodding to the doubts of everyone outside of this undying love which really shouldn't matter but so often do. This adds a tangible frustration to the lines "all I want to do/is to spend some time with you" and that's how I know I've felt before - all I want to do is hang out but there's so much politics and boring stuff and people in the way. UUURRRGGGHH! Chris, unlike me, stays hopeful: "fears will soon fade away." It's all going to be fine, never stop loving each other!