Label: Xemu records Release date: 28/03/11 Link: Official Site Buy: Amazon Confession time : I’ve never been into ‘psychedelic’ stuff. Black Angels. Brian Jonestown Massacre. Good bands, but not my taste. Well, people, this statement might have changed in thanks to Australian, now NYC based, combo The Morning After Girls and their second LP. An intriguing band, this one. Other than their rather cryptic (and awesome) name, it is surprising to learn that, despite being active since 2003, they only have a full length and some EPs released sporadically until now. They also appear to have been on tour with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Dandy Warhols. Alone is epic. From the intro ‘A New Silence’ to the seven-minute ending ‘Tomorrow’s Time’, every track here sweats sexiness, power and beauty. Successively shoegazey (‘The General Public’), uncluttered (‘Still Falling’) or totally brit-pop even (the Ride-esque ‘Deaths Procession’, ‘To Be Your Loss’), it’s a fully textured album, sometimes taking the listener into more ambient atmospheres (‘There’s A Taking’) and throwing him into deeper, sad landscapes ( ‘Who Is They’). Driven by Sacha Lucashenko’s voice, whispers and noisy guitars. Alone is like the album you need on a grey hangover day, when you’re not sure if you’re still dreaming. “Staring back to see the view /A feeling that will remain/Something’s missing when you try/To take up the empty hand”. ‘Psychedelic’ or not, these guys will for sure show you the way. Photobucket