The new album from The Mountain Goats is titled Beat the Champ, and it has a pretty amusing premise - it's all about professional wrestling. They shared the first song 'The Legend of Chavo Guerrero' back in January and yesterday they surprised the Welcome to Night Vale podcast with the premiere of another song from the record, 'Heel Turn 2'. Admittedly, I've never been huge into wrestling so I'm not familiar with the 'heel turn' term, so I'll let the press release explain it for me:

"A "heel turn" is a person's complete and sudden, and often shocking, change from good to evil. The term comes from professional wrestling, referring to when a face (good guy) turns his back on the fans and becomes a heel (bad guy)."

You can listen to 'Heel Turn 2' below, and pick up Beat the Champ when it's released on 13 April via Merge Records.

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