This is truly special. There's very little I can say about Soonbe because... well, there simply isn't much information about her. And by "her" I can only assume it's a woman leading this "project" thanks to the video for 'Tanuki' which appeared online a few days back, despite being released online via SoundCloud over a year ago (check out the SoundCloud page as there's also a 22 minute mixtape/EP entitled Nemini Parco you can listen to). According to the Soonbe Instagram page, they've been in Shanghai, Malawi, Prague, Zagreb and London in recent months leaving behind some sort of gift in a bizarre game of "Finders Keepers". Whatever's going on here, I'm firmly intrigued.

It would be easy and/or lazy to compare 'Tanuki (She Said)' to some of FKA twigs' earlier material or even some of Arca's output, but it's definitely in that same realm. It's heavy on the bass with some claps and distorted vocals. Lyrically, it's more like a poem, speaking of an eerie sexual encounter. If you're fans of the aforementioned, you're bound to fall in love with this. It's truly incredible stuff that'll have you mesmerized. But be warned: it's probably not for mass consumption.