The Naked And Famous have earned critical acclaim and legions of adoring fans with their brand of epic electronic indie pop. The choruses soar and the beats pulse with life. But now, the five-piece is stepping back for its Stripped LP, in which the band tackles some of their biggest hits and favorite tracks from their first three records.

"I think Elvis Costello is originally credited with saying something to the effect of, 'You have your whole life to create your first album and one year to finish your follow-up,'" says guitarist/vocalist Thom Powers. "I’d like to add to that: you also have your whole life to create your first record and, if it is successful, you’ll be asked to perform acoustic versions of your songs.

"Seven years later, we decided to approach this as a creative challenge -- an exercise in limitation," he continues. "The songs feel reborn. Ironically this is very true to where Alisa and I began as collaborators!

Premiering today through The 405 is a beautiful and understated of 'Last Forever,' taken from the group's 2016 record Simple Forms. Give it a listen below or one your preferred streaming platform here.