Label : Bleepmachine & Capitaine Plouf Release date: 08/11/10 Link: Amazon Anton Louis Jr and Melody Van Kappers have a lot more in common that a penchant for cutesy folk-pop. They’re actually long lost half-siblings whose father was famous Dutch footballer, Johnny Van Kappers, and they met at a party ahead of his imminent death, due to a fatal tumour in his leg. An odd setting for a musical meeting of the minds, but certainly an interesting review anecdote. Not Evident is the first release from The Narcoleptic Dancers. Although the EP is only five tracks long, it contains some of the most cheerful and catchy songs I think I’ve ever heard. The most noticeably infectious track is title track ‘Not So Evident’ which features vocalist Melody’s husky voice layered over Peter Bjorn & John-esque handclaps that border on the lines of too cutesy but don’t quite cross the line. It sounds like an advert soundtrack that’s been stuck in your head for days, which explains why Johnson & Johnson baby powder and Cannon Cameras have chosen their music for previous ad campaigns. It’s difficult to ignore the similarities between The Narcoleptic Dancers and American Indie-pop duo She & Him. Like Zooey Deschanel, Melody Van Kappers’ voice remains permanently just louder than a husky whisper, perfectly accompanying the folksy-pop arrangements of Anton. Also like She & Him, Melody and Anton take inspiration from eras gone by, are signed to an indie record label and favour pastel colours and hipster-style film photos for their Myspace. They even look a bit alike, too. Not So Evident manages to combine a clumsy folk-pop with throaty vocals to create as close to perfect melodies as a band can manage. Despite the duo forming due to a coincidental clash in music taste, Melody and Anton appear to have exactly the same image and sound in mind for The Narcoleptic Dancers, and the cohesion isn’t lost in this debut, which is an incredibly exciting indicator of what we can expect from a band doing something very different, melodically and lyrically, at the moment. Photobucket