Bryce Dessner has long been a fan of creating the extraordinary when it comes to music, and with this new announcement that he is to be releasing his debut work as a composer with Kronos Quartet and the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, he's set himself a new bar of experimentation.

The project is titled Aheym which means "homeward" in Yiddish was originally written to be a part of the Celebrate Brooklyn! festival in 2009 for Kronos Quartet. Now the four-track LP is to be released in full although the release date has yet to be confirmed.

Three tracks on the album have been dedicated to somebody important to the quartet and to Dessner; track two 'Little Blue Something' was inspired by Czech performers Irena and Vojtěch Havel, track three is an homage to Kronos Quartet's lighting designer Laurence Neff with whom they've worked for 25 years and track four, 'Tour Eiffel' was inspired by Chilean poet Vicente Huidobro.

Dessener was interviewed in New Orleans Friends Of Music and he spoke about the meaning of the title.

"'Aheym' means ‘homeward’ in Yiddish, and this piece is written as musical evocation of the idea of flight and passage. As little boys, my brother and I used to spend hours with my grandmother, asking her about the details of how she came to America. She could only give us a smattering of details, but they all found their way into our collective imagination, eventually becoming a part of our own cultural identity and connection to the past. In her poem 'Di rayze aheym', the American-Yiddish poet Irena Klepfisz, a professor at Barnard in New York and one of the few child survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto, writes: 'Among strangers is her home. Here right here she must live. Her memories will become monuments.'

"Aheym is dedicated to my grandmother, Sarah Dessner."

See the tracklist below.

  • 1. Aheym
  • 2. Little Blue Something
  • 3. Tenebre
  • 4. Tour Eiffel

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