When two demos by a band called The Night first appeared online last year, there was something immediately captivating about their instinctive song-writing and tender but grabbing composition. Knowing very little about the ensemble at the time, the music felt like the output of a group with years of experience behind it. Later it emerged that, re-branded as The Night VI, the sextet was a newly-signed addition to the Parlophone roster.

Vocalist Sophie-Rose, Anna (harp) and Bogart (bass) met at the Lycée, finding their musical way together gradually, before hooking up with Jack (guitar), Kristy (keyboards) and Bo (drums) through gigs and nights out in London. Sensing they had something special going on, they each decided to desert their respective previous projects and focus, instead, on writing and recording together.

Ahead of the physical release of their first EP, Still Thinking Of You, we caught up with Sophie-Rose and Jack to find out more about the band and their work together.

Hi guys. It has taken you a couple of years to build up to the moment of launch of your first EP. How was that time spent?

Sophie-Rose: Jack and I have been writing for just under three years, so it was important for us to hide away and make our record before any kind of release. The EP itself has some of our earlier songs and some of the most recent, too. We have spent a lot of time crafting them and, as a band, coming together and fleshing out our creations.

What did your route to getting signed by a major label involve and how easy did you find the process?

Jack: Sophie-Rose and I were fortunate to sign a publishing deal as songwriters about two years ago, which opened the door to our record deal. Despite its reputation our experience has been that there's still some really good guys in the industry, who have good ears and aren't afraid to back new and developing acts.

Your first two teasers, 'Turn Your Light On Me' and 'Strangers', which instantly had us hooked, got a lot of people excited about your sound. Would you say that these songs, together with the tracks on the EP, are a representative blueprint for what your debut album will sound like?

Jack: Potentially, but we're still thinking about that. As a writing style, I think those tracks and our new EP are a good indicator as to the direction of the record. Production wise, we're arguably broadening our horizons, though. I think taste in sound and sonics grows and develops. I hope the record will be as diverse and unexpected as possible.

Do you all take part in the song-writing?

Jack: Sophie-Rose and I write the songs. I don't really sing and she doesn't really play so we depend on each other hugely and that makes it an incredibly collaborative process. Sometimes she brings a lyric into a session, but we always just jam and see what happens.

Being a French-English ensemble, are you all bilingual?

Sophie-Rose: Anna, Bogart and I are bilingual. The others are getting there... kind of.

How did the lead track from the EP, 'Thinking Of You', come about and was it written about a specific person?

Sophie-Rose: It's about someone very close to me. When we wrote 'Thinking of You', I had been apart from him for a while. I guess it was painful with the intensity that I felt at the time. The feeling really enabled the song to come. Sometimes that is all it takes.

Were you all in agreement that 'Thinking Of You' should be the band's launch-pad track?

Jack: I think it just felt like the right one. It was a relatively new song at the time but the simplicity in its message, and musically, felt good as a starting point.

What was the experience of making your first music video like?

Sophie-Rose: One of the best days, yet. We collaborated with a director called Claire Kurylowski and she helped us to channel our vision and the meaning of the song beautifully.

Have you done many gigs to date?

Jack: We've played pretty consistently since we formed, more so for the experience than doing any major touring, but Hard Rock Calling last summer supporting Bruce Springsteen and dates with the Mystery Jets have both been real highlights.

Where was your first ever show?

Jack: We played Night and Day café in Manchester as part of Dot To Dot festival. We'd been in rehearsals for a long time at that point so it felt good to be out there and the response was immediately positive.

Do you find it easy to translate studio output to the live setting?

Sophie-Rose: As a six-piece, it's an easier task. A layer of guitar melodies on the record can be played through Harp, Keys and Bass live. Having 5-part harmonies also makes bringing the songs to life really special.

If you could choose the career of any other band in terms of what you'd like your career to be like, whose would you pick?

Sophie-Rose: I think we all feel that Arcade Fire is a great reference for us. They've built beautifully over time and there's a sense of longevity in their music. It's timeless and completely organic live, which is really important to us.

Finally, can you give us some clues as what to expect over the next few months beyond the EP?

Jack: We've literally just finished a brand new song called 'Too Late To Lie'. Or it might end up being called 'Rivers' or something else. It's quite different from anything else we've done. There's already talk of it being a single, though. It just seemed to come out fully formed and we're feeling pretty good about it. We're thinking there might well be another EP first. We're pretty new and, as we see it, there's no big rush until it's right. The album will come perhaps next year once we're ready to commit the songs to paper.

The Still Thinking Of You EP is out now on download on Parlophone. The single comes out on physical formats on 12 August. The Night VI play a headline show at the Lexington on 14 August.