Hosted by the superamazing folks over at Pure Groove and in conjunction with the crazy cool scrobblers over at, the second 405 Not-So-Silent-Film Night went off with a German expressionism bang, courtesy of The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari (1920: Robert Wiene). Despite a teeny tiny technical glitch that involved us (well, Simon) having to re-download the entire film and burn it again, the whole thing went even better than last time; the place was packed, the vibe as great, and everyone enjoyed the three flavours of free popcorn courtesy of 405 maestro himself Mr. Oliver P. Rimus and lovely lady Sam Sam. Of special note also was the info sheets provded by Simon of Pure Groove (who also lent us his immense DJ services under the guise of DJ Singleton) describing key words such as 'mountebank' and 'somnambulist' (which is a sleepwalker in case you were wondering). Incidentally, I'd like to take this chance to reach out to the dude in the Frankenstein mask (communication breakdown there, what can we say?) and offer you a prize if you get in touch with some kind of proof that it was indeed you behind the mash. C'mon folks, let's make it happen! Two of the core 405 team in action - make sure to say 'Hi!' to Fern and Aaron at the next night! Speaking of the next time around, it will indeed be next month, and the film is yet to be decided. You can of course rest assured that it will be something similarly awesome, with a wicked sick DJ sorting the alternative sound track. OOH you never know, it might just end up being another Time Out London's Critic's Choice. What say you on this? Sound off in our Fourum!