We each have a favourite song, right? For musicians, it sometimes goes even further - a song they wish they'd written themselves and could claim as their own. That's how some of the best cover versions are born.

As he is currently promoting Choir of Young Believers' new album, Grasque, we got the opportunity to ask Jannis Noya Makrigiannis about the one song by another act which he would love to have written himself. Not one for hollow talk, Makrigiannis gives good chat about a really good tune.

Hej Jannis! What is the one song by another artist you really wish you had written yourself?

Bryan Adams' 'Heaven'. There are a lot of songs I wish I had written and some of Bryan Adams' [other] songs are on that list. I think he is super underrated, I mean, isn't he like the Canadian Bruce Springsteen "light"? That's pretty cool in my opinion.

What is it about 'Heaven' that you love?

The songwriting. Like so many perfect pop songs it is simple, supernatural and genius at the same time. I like the electric piano in the verse, his voice, the lyrics and the way the guitar sounds in the chorus. And the reverb on the gated drums is really, really nice too. And when you hear it on the car radio at night driving, it makes you feel "young and wild and free", just like he sings in the lyrics.

Do you remember hearing 'Heaven' for the very first time?

I have a very clear memory of Bryan Adams being played a lot on the radio back in 1992, when I was living on Aegina, a small Greek island, with my family. We didn't have a TV or a stereo, so we listened a lot to the radio, which mostly played Greek music, of course, but every now and then they would play some Gypsy Kings, Simply Red or Bryan Adams. I wasn't a big fan, but I appreciated the pure, straightforward power-pop songwriting, like any 7-year-old would and should.

You mentioned that several other Bryan Adams tracks could, essentially, make it onto your list. Do you tend to like most of his music, then?

I really, really like all of his good songs, you know - 'Everything I Do" (I do it for you)' and 'Please Forgive Me' are just fantastic. Then there are the okay songs, the ones I just feel okay about, but the bad songs that I don't like - I know some people are into those not so good songs - but not me, I just don't like them.

Have you ever covered 'Heaven': (i) on your own in the shower; (ii) live before an audience; (iii) on record; or (iv) all of the above?

I often put on a Bryan Adams song or two at parties and sing along as loud as I can - but most of my friends don't really appreciate it when I do. I have sung 'Heaven' at least 2 or 3 times at karaoke bars and it always feels super great and very natural to do so, in cars, and in the shower, of course - yes, yes, yes! I haven't covered it yet, but that's just a matter of time.

What is your favourite lyric in the song?

I like the part where he sings: "you keep me coming back for more," just before the chorus kicks in.

Is there a bit of arrangement or instrumentation which you're especially fond of?

The way the chorus kicks in (00:51) and the guitar and bass chord changes are emphasized by the kick drum and cymbals in the drumming is such a classic pop rock trick, but it totally gets me every single time!

Would you say that any of your own music has in any way ever been influenced by 'Heaven' or Bryan Adams' work in general?

I actually wrote a song for our latest album, Grasque, which is very much inspired by 'Heaven'. The working title was 'Aryan Bdams'. We also played it live at a couple of shows but it didn't make the final cut. Maybe next time. Again, I really liked it but the others in the band, not so much... what can you do?!

Ok, so which song from Grasque would you be interested in hearing Bryan Adams cover, in turn?

Can you make this happen?!


Wow, that would be great! Any one of them, really. It would be great to hear him sing any of them. But maybe I would let him choose for himself, so that he felt totally comfortable doing it.

Grasque by Choir of Young Believers is out on 19 February via Ghostly Intl.