We each have a favourite song, right? For musicians, it sometimes goes even further - it might be a song they wish they'd written themselves and could claim as their own.

Here, 405-endorsed Icelandic singer-songwriter, DJ Flugvél Og Geimskip (real name: Steinunn Eldflaug Harðardóttir) - whose latest album, Nótt á Hafsbotni, is among December's quirkier highlights - discusses the song by another act which she would love to have written herself.

Hello Steinunn. What is the one song you wish you'd written yourself?

'Ancient Legendary Club Space' by Evil Madness.

What is it about 'Ancient Legendary Club Space' that you particularly love?

The song is like a journey to this club in space and there is magic in the song that makes you drift into space along with the melodies and donuts.

You can't go wrong with a donut.

There is some really strange, faraway, ancient, spacey atmosphere in the song, all the sounds are smooth and shining. Also, there are good drums and cool bass and some sounds underneath that draw you into the song. It floats into space and takes you along and when you listen it, it's not like you are listening to a song, more like you are on space travel. Also, there is a sad, melancholic undertone, which lets you know that you are not the only one feeling lonely here in the universe. The song understands all feelings, it drifts to outer-space and then - when you think you've heard it all - a new and really beautiful melody comes in. The melody is trying to be happy but you can still hear that it is lonely and sad. This song is just perfect, I think. At least for me.

Do you remember when you first heard the song and what your first impressions of it were?

I first heard it on the record, Café Chicago. My friend had two copies - you could not buy the album anywhere - but he had two copies and I got one. When I listened to the record and this song came on, it was like: wow! Later, I was driving alone in the wintertime to a small house in the countryside to record music and there was a crazy snow storm - it was dangerous to drive, you could only see like 2-4 meters ahead - so I had to drive about 10km per hour. I was listening to this record and it was really strange because I could not see anything but snow and the lights from the car and it felt like I was driving in a vacuum or empty space, the world was limited to only the 2-4 meters I could see. When this song came on, it was like: of course! I'm driving in space!

Do you tend to like most of the music Evil Madness make?

I like most of their songs, but some are a little bit more experimental so it can be hard to get into them. This song (and the whole record) is more melodic than their first album. I like [Café Chicago] very much, as well as their other record, Super Great Love. That record is also like space travelling with monsters, melodies and cool sounds.

Have you ever covered 'Ancient Legendary Club Space': (i) on your own in the shower; (ii) live before an audience; (iii) on record; or (iv) all of the above?

This song is not easy to cover, I think. It is more like an electronic music voyage song. Also, I am not really good at covering songs. But the melody - I might sing the melody sometimes without noticing, I do that a lot!

Do you have a favourite bit of arrangement or instrumentation in the song?

I love how the first bit of melody (smooth, high pitched melody with delay- I think it was made with synths) just slides into the song. The song is playing, some bass and punchy drums with a little bit of crunchy biscuit sound are playing and then the melody comes in to lift you up and swim through all the other sounds in the song. I like how the melody somehow stands out from the other sounds but still fits into them - it's like it curls around the sounds. It is just amazing.

Would you say that any of your own music has, in any way, ever been influenced by this song or by Evil Madness in general?

Yes, I think my music is really very much influenced by Evil Madness. I first started listening to them because they had a cool name so me and friends decided to go see them. Then they played great music, really visual electronic music. I also listen a lot to the albums I mentioned. I'd really like for my music to sound something similar to their music, at least the magic and smoothness of it. Floating but still cracking sounds.

Finally, is there a song on Nótt á Hafsbotni which you'd be interested in hearing Evil Madness cover, in turn?

I don't think they do cover versions but if they do then they could just pick whatever song. 'Leðurblökudans' is probably the one song that is most similar to their stuff.

Nótt á Hafsbotni is out now on Mengi. For updates on DJ Flugvél Og Geimskip check out her Facebook page.