We all have our favourite songs. For musicians, however, it sometimes goes beyond that - it's a song they wish they'd written themselves and could claim as their own. Here, London-based singer-songwriter, Douglas Dare, whose debut album, Whelm, was one of our top offerings of 2014, discusses the song by another act which he would love to have written himself.

Hello Douglas. What is the one song you wish you'd written yourself?
'Videotape' by Radiohead - the last track on In Rainbows from 2007.

What is it about 'Videotape' that you particularly love?
It isn't because of any one specific part or lyric but the combination of everything. I feel this song is the best example of music and lyrics working perfectly together.

Do you remember when you first heard the song and what your first impressions of it were?
I first heard it whilst I was in my sixth form common room. A friend in our group had gotten In Rainbows before anyone else so we took it in turns to sit in the corner and listen through the whole thing. 'Videotape' is the last song on the album and I remember sitting in the silence after it finished and feeling like I'd just heard my all-time favourite song.

Do you tend to like most of Radiohead's stuff?
Yes, there's very little Radiohead music I don't love. But it's worth saying that I hear 'Videotape' almost as a Thom Yorke solo song and I do lean more towards those more Thom Yorke introspective songs.

Have you ever covered 'Videotape': (i) on your own in the shower; (ii) live before an audience; (iii) on record; or (iv) all of the above?
I wouldn't dare covering the song in public but I have played it on my own, with the doors and windows firmly shut, many times!

Can you try and identify a favourite lyric?
It's difficult to pick one, the whole thing is pure gold to me but, 'You are my centre when I spin away' is stunning.

And what about a favourite bit of arrangement or instrumentation in the song?
The main piano riff is so seemingly simple and subtle but my favourite moment is when the kit staggers in - around the 1:20 mark - it's hypnotic!

Would you say that any of your own music has, in any way, ever been influenced by this song or by Radiohead in general?
This song heavily influenced the way I started to play and write on the piano and so strong is the urge to have written 'Videotape' that I think every new writing session kind of starts with the hope that a song as good as that might pore out of me. However, for the same reason that I could never cover it in public, if I ever play something that feels a little too close, I show my respect with a slight nod of the head and move away.

How is your new album coming along?
I finished tracking it just days ago and we're now in the mixing stage. I'm so eager for people to hear it now!

Can you give us a clue as to what we can expect?
It feels like a very new, special baby, related to my last child but quite of its own nature. It was my goal not to repeat myself with this album and I feel like I've achieved that. You can expect 8 minute long tracks with choirs, brass band solos and even something to dance to.